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Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Winfield Park, NJ

Census Bureau map of Winfield Township, New Jersey

By United States Census Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons

Why does a wet basement occur in Winfield Park?

Most of the houses in Winfield Park were built in 1941 and their foundations let in water creating the wet basement. Winfield Park is a Township in Union County, NJ near Clark and Linden. The Township is right off of the Garden State Parkway at Exit 136 and shares the same zip code as Linden.

Winfield Park is a small area just over .17 square miles. It was incorporated in 1941 with some controversy. The NJ Governor vetoed the incorporation as a separate municipality, but was overruled. The area is a planned housing project for defense workers. There are over 250 buildings in the development.

Many sociologist have studied this planned development over the years. Winfield Park has its own schools up to the eighth grade and then the students attend a nearby high school.

The wet basement in Winfield Park is below the frost line.

The frost line is the depth in the ground in which the water NEVER freezes. This is important in a building’s construction because if a footing and foundation wall are built above the frost line, the chances of that basement heaving will occur go up.

The next time you see a puddle in the yard after a 2 day soaking rain, remember the water table and the wet basement. It is very likely that the puddle is the top of the water table that has temporarily exceeded the grade of the yard. The water table typically rises over a very wide area, not just around your house. The water table is part of the earth and re-grading your flower beds will not alter it.

A French Drain and sump pump is usually installed in 1 day by A-1 Basement Solutions experienced staff. The system is maintenance free once installed and will cure a wet basement in Winfield Park, NJ. This system will provide a dry and moisture free basement for years to come.

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