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Professional Wet Basement Waterproofing in Westfield, NJ

Miller Cory NJ

By Jared K, via Wikimedia Commons

A wet basement in Westfield, NJ will cost you thousands in lost Real Estate value

The Town of Westfield has many a wet basement and is located in Union County, NJ. Over 30,000 people call Westfield home in an area just over 6.7 square miles. The Town was formerly a large tract of land and was a Township. In 1903 after years of other Townships being formed from Land of Westfield Township, Westfield was reformed as a smaller Town.

Westfield Township was part of the Elizabethtown Tract of Land. This tract was a historic purchase from the Indians in the early 1700’s. The Miller-Cory House dates to 1740 and is open for tours in Westfield.

Westfield is said to have gotten its name from being referred to as the “fields West of Elizabeth”.

There is a very vibrant downtown in Westfield with large national chains and local independent businesses which makes this a very attractive town for NYC commuters.

A wet basement poses a serious environmental concern

  • As a homeowner it is important to understand the risks associated with basements in order to more clearly grasp the potential health risks to your family.
  • With any home environmental or pollutant issues, the source of your health concern may lie within the wet basement.
  • To correct wet basement problems, it is necessary to understand where the water and moisture is coming from.

Water enters the wet basement in four ways

  1. Water through the floor.
  2. Water through the walls
  3. Water vapor through the walls and floor.
  4. Humidity through the air.

A French drain is the best choice for wet basement waterproofing

The French drain basement waterproofing system is designed to prevent water from flooding your basement. It is installed inside the basement, below the floor, around the perimeter. This French Drain controls the water, delivers it to the sump pump(s), and discharges it out of the house.

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