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Expert Basement Waterproofing in Sussex, NJ

Sussex, NJ

By Jared K, via Wikimedia Commons

Prevent a wet basement in Sussex, NJ during a power outage

Sussex Borough has many a wet basement and is located in Sussex County, N.J. The Borough was formally part of Wantage Township and then later named Deckertown after an original settler Peter Decker.

In 1902, Sussex Borough was incorporated by an Act of the N.J. State Legislature.

The area is a watershed for the Walkill River and covers .61 square miles. The Borough has 2,130 residents (U.S. Census 2010).

Sussex Borough’s borders are the shape of an octagon shape. The Octagon is on the Borough’s symbol.

If you lose electricity your sump pump will not run and you will get a wet basement

A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day Battery Backup System is better because:

  1. Pump runs directly from battery power without the use of an inverter.
  2. Heavy duty adjustable vertical float switch for maximum reliability and fewer pump cycles.
  3. The pumps base keeps the inlet off the bottom of the pit to avoid clogging from debris.
  4. Pumps up to 35 gallons per minute (GPM)with a 10ft high ejection head with full battery power.
  5. The system averages 20 GPM over the life of the battery.

If you want to prevent a wet basement during a power outage you need a reliable system.

  • An A-1 Basements 7 Day battery backup sump pump will give you the peace of mind you need.
  • This battery backup sump pump system is a sump pump that automatically switches to battery backup when AC power fails.
  • The A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day Battery Backup Backup System uses a 120 Amp Hour AGM Battery.
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), no-maintenance batteries are the best batteries for supplying DC currents to battery backup sump pump systems.
  • AGM batteries are true deep cycle batteries and perform twice as well as regular batteries.

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