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Basement Waterproofing Services in Springfield, NJ

Census Bureau map of Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey

By United States Census Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons

There are underground springs in Springfield, NJ that cause a wet basement

Springfield is a Township in Union County, NJ. Approximately 15,000 people call Springfield home and the Township spans a little over 5.1 miles.

Springfield is one of the oldest Townships in NJ and has many an old wet basement. It was incorporated in 1794 and has many roots to the American Revolution. The Battle of Springfield occurred toward the end of the Revolution with a strong loss on the British side. The Cannon Ball House is from the late 1700’s and serves as a museum today. The House played various roles in the war.

Springfield is home to Baltusrol Golf Club. The Club hosted the PGA Championship in 2005 as well as prior years.

Springfield is very conveniently located to towns with direct train routes or easy driving access to major highways: I-78, Route 22, Route 24 and Route 124.

  • The wet basement will occur usually in early spring and late fall.
  • That water is going to follow the path of least resistance which often times is into the basement or crawlspace.
  • The interior French Drain is a widely accepted technique in mitigating basement water and is generally referred to as a basement waterproofing solution.
  • Because the French drain requires a sub floor drainage channel, the slab must be cut around the perimeter to excavate this channel. When the channel is closed with concrete, it sets and cures with a different consistency than the original floor.

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