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Expert Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Montague, NJ 07827

Census Bureau map of Montague Township, New Jersey

By United States Census Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons

A wet basement in Montague Twp., NJ is a temporary problem with a permanent solution

Montague Township has many a wet basement and is located in Sussex County, N.J. The Township covers 45.3 square miles and is home to over 3,840 residents (U.S. Census 2010)

The Township was one of the original 104 Townships incorporated by an Act of the N.J. State Legislature in 1798. Prior to then the land was under a Royal Charter of King George II.

Stokes State Forest and High Point State Park are both located in Montague Township. High Point Mountain, the highest peak of the Kittatinny Mountains, is 1,803 feet above sea level making it also the highest elevation in the State of New Jersey.

In the 1980’s Montague Township received its own post office. Prior to then, all mail for the Township was delivered to Port Jervis, New York. This led to many have New Jersey drivers licenses and New York addresses.

You can clean your gutters and grade your flowerbeds and still get a wet basement

  1. A high water table will cause a wet basement on an older home.
  2. When the water table rises, it does not just rise at your house, because it did not rain on your house only.
  3. The rain usually falls over a wide area of many square miles so all this water goes into the earth at the same time.
  4. Water tables can become elevated when they receive more water than they drain off.
  5. This can be from unusually high amounts of rain, or excess water from higher elevations.

A French drain is the best choice for wet basement waterproofing

  • The French drain basement waterproofing system is designed to prevent water from giving you a wet basement.
  • The French drain is installed inside the basement, below the floor, around the perimeter.
  • This French Drain controls the water, delivers it to the sump pump(s), and discharges it out of the house.

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