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Professional Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Liberty Township, NJ

Census Bureau map of Liberty Township, New Jersey

By United States Census Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons

Prevent a wet basement in Liberty Twp. during a power outage

Liberty Township has many a wet basement and is located in Warren County, N.J. The Township covers over eleven square miles and is home to over 2,900 residents (U.S. Census 2010).

Liberty Township was formed in 1926 by an Act of N.J. Legislature. The land had formerly been part of Hope Township.

The Township includes Mountain Lake which is the oldest and largest lake in Warren County. The lake is 38 feet deep in the deepest parts and was formed by glaciers.

Many homes with a wet basement already have an electric sump pump

  • The sump pump is usually placed in the lowest part of the wet basement so when the water comes in the sump pump can then pump it out.
  • The sump pump provides an automatic way to get the water out of the wet basement as opposed to using a Shop-Vac and having to dump it out manually.
  • The sump pump should be one part of a complete waterproofing system, such as a French drain.
  • Having a sump pump without a French drain can be likened to having a heart without arteries and veins; it’s just not going to work right.

What you need to know as a homeowner with a Sump Pump

  1. The Sump Pump that keeps your basement dry is powered by electricity
  2. Without a working sump pump your basement can flood.
  3. You need a backup sump pump that can work without electricity for up to a week.

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