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Do I need basement waterproofing weep holes?

Masonry Foundation

If your foundation is constructed of concrete masonry units (CMU), a.k.a cinder blocks, yes, you need weep holeshollow block foundation wall

These hollow blocks make a solid foundation but are more porous than poured concrete.

When your foundation was constructed, tar was applied to the outside of the hollow concrete blocks.

The tar is a degradable substance that has a 30-40 year life.

Once the tar is gone the foundation is no longer sealed and water seeps into the hollow blocks.

Water is trapped inside the blocks and needs to be released to prevent flooding.

Drilling basement waterproofing weep holes in block walls is the top priority in a French drain.

Weep holes for basement waterproofing
  1. A French drain is needed when the hollow blocks are filling with water and leaking into the basement.
  2. In a French drain the floor is cut out 12″ from the wall and a trench is excavated alongside the footer.
  3. A French Drain uses basement waterproofing weep holes through the block face to drain the block cores.
  4. Most often this is done in response to a wet basement or right before performing a basement finishing.

What do basement waterproofing weep holes do?

  • After the blocks become filled with water they leak into the basement. The basement waterproofing weep holes drain the water from the blocks below the floor level.
  • Only by drilling into every single core of every single block does it become possible to drain the entire wall.
  • When the French drain is completed, the floor is put back, and the drainage system is sub-floor.
  • This French Drain controls the water, delivers it to the sump pump(s), and discharges it out of the house.
  • This system comes with a lifetime guarantee that your basement floor will not have any water on it.

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