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Weep holes in basement walls

Weep Holes
How high to drill Weep Holes in basement walls? Here in Central New Jersey many homes have basements with foundations constructed of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)s. CMUs are also called Cinder blocks or just Concrete Blocks. When installing a French Drain in a house with hollow block masonry walls, we put weep holes in basement walls, allowing the drainage to occur. A drain tile or French Drain system will capture the water entering the block system and drain the water into a pit where a sump pump will discharge it from the building. An interior French drain is much less likely to clog than an exterior, partially due to the fact that it is not...
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What are Basement Waterproofing Weep Holes?

Masonry Foundation
Do I need basement waterproofing weep holes? If your foundation is constructed of concrete masonry units (CMU), a.k.a cinder blocks, yes, you need weep holeshollow block foundation wall These hollow blocks make a solid foundation but are more porous than poured concrete. When your foundation was constructed, tar was applied to the outside of the hollow concrete blocks. The tar is a degradable substance that has a 30-40 year life. Once the tar is gone the foundation is no longer sealed and water seeps into the hollow blocks. Water is trapped inside the blocks and needs to be released to prevent flooding. Drilling basement waterproofing weep ho...
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