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Use a Steamer to kill Mold?

Black Mold
Is it a good idea to use a steamer to kill mold? In a word the answer is no. It is not a good idea to use a steamer to kill mold. Maybe to grow mold, but not to kill mold. But we need to look further into it than that. The two things we are talking about are Black Mold and steam. What is Black Mold? Black Mold is a fungus that can grow anywhere that is moist – and it can grow fast. Once inside, mold can grow almost anywhere moisture accumulates. Wet basements, with or without French Drains and sump pumps, often get mold because of excessive moisture. Unventilated bathrooms are prime candidates for mold. Anywhere in the home that has had a wat...
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White stuff on basement wall explained

White stuff on Basement Wall The white stuff on basement wall is a residue left from water called efflorescence. It indicates that water has evaporated from the concrete. Efflorescence is proof that water was in the basement. Many of us have come across this strange phenomenon; a white powdery substance comes out of the concrete foundation. It can be on the walls or on the floor. On the floor it can look like it is growing up out of the floor, appearing as a small fluffy stalagmite one might expect to find in a cave rather than in their basement. What is the definition of Efflorescence? Efflorescence is defined as: “the changing of certain cr...
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Should you use a dehumidifier in winter?

Eazy Breath System
Dehumidifier in Winter, Fall and Spring Should you use a dehumidifier in Winter? or Fall? or Spring? What do you do about the moisture that comes through your concrete foundation, most of which is below the frost line, and brings dampness and moisture into your basement in the non-Summer months? Most people have an understanding about the use of a dehumidifier in the summer. It gets very humid and eventually, you go down to the basement and turn on the dehumidifier. The only time you give much thought is when you have to empty that heavy bucket. But a dehumidifier in Winter, that’s a different story. The technology of the dehumidifier is over...
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