4 Crucial Benefits of Basement Waterproofing Bergenfield, NJ Water damage is a very common form of damage to your home. The damage caused by water is prevalent because water comes from many sources including rain, humidity, plumbing leaks, burst pipes and overflows among others. Your home’s basement is particularly susceptible

Key Points You Need to Know About Mold Removal Scotch Plains, NJ Mold can cause notable property damage in your home and lead to various health problems including allergies, skin irritation, and respiratory conditions. A mold removal contractor can help you identify and get rid of mold quickly and safely.

5 Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing Services Scotch Plains, NJ Your basement is prone to water damage because it frequently comes in contact with moisture. Damp conditions can arise due to flooding of the basement, poor drainage that allows surface runoff to reach the basement walls, damaged gutters and downspouts,

3 Important Facts about Mold Testing Passaic County, NJ When your house, basement or any other structure develops a musty smell and you call mold removal experts, the first thing they will do is mold testing. Mold testing entails inspecting and taking samples of either the surface that is suspected

Common Hiding Spots For Mold In Appliances Morris County, NJ When people think of mold, many think that mold infestations are confined to bathrooms, kitchens and basements. However, the mold in your home could be much closer than you think. It is no wonder that mold remediation contractors insist on

5 Professional Mold Removal Techniques Sussex County, NJ If your basement is damp or was recently flooded, you are at an increased risk of developing health problems such as allergies, coughing and sneezing, chronic fatigue and a host of respiratory problems due to the growth of black mold. And it

5 Key Advantages of Crawlspace Waterproofing Morris County, NJ It is easy to find crawlspaces that are damp, dirty and neglected. Yet a damp or dirty crawlspace can have serious implications for your home. A notable percentage of a home’s indoor air circulates through the crawlspace. So, if your crawlspace

The Dangers of Low Indoor Humidity Scotch Plains, NJ Many homeowners are only concerned about lowering the humidity levels in their homes during summer. This is understandable since high humidity levels can result in a mold infestation. It can also cause rotting of wooden structures. However, indoor air quality is