How a Professional Company Will Help You Fix Foundation Wall Cracks Scotch Plains, NJ The sight of wall cracks on your foundation can be startling. This is because some types of foundation wall cracks may be an indication of serious structural issues. Foundation cracks that denote serious structural issues are

Common Hiding Spots For Mold In Appliances Morris County, NJ When people think of mold, many think that mold infestations are confined to bathrooms, kitchens and basements. However, the mold in your home could be much closer than you think. It is no wonder that mold remediation contractors insist on

5 Professional Mold Removal Techniques Sussex County, NJ If your basement is damp or was recently flooded, you are at an increased risk of developing health problems such as allergies, coughing and sneezing, chronic fatigue and a host of respiratory problems due to the growth of black mold. And it

5 Key Advantages of Crawlspace Waterproofing Morris County, NJ It is easy to find crawlspaces that are damp, dirty and neglected. Yet a damp or dirty crawlspace can have serious implications for your home. A notable percentage of a home’s indoor air circulates through the crawlspace. So, if your crawlspace

5 Steps Mold Experts Use to Safely Remove Black Mold in Basement Hunterdon County, NJ If your basement is damp or was recently flooded, you are at an increased risk of developing health problems such as allergies, coughing and sneezing, chronic fatigue and a host of respiratory problems due to the

3 Signs That You Need to Inspect Your House for Bowed Basement Walls Scotch Plains, NJ Bowed basement walls can be an indicator of notable foundation problems. The problem is compounded by the fact that it is not always easy to spot bowed basement walls. Yet if left unrepaired, bowing

3 Ways to Improve  When You Have Pets Scotch Plains, NJ Our beloved pets are a great company. For many who have had them for a while, imagining without them is simply impossible. However, your pet could be compromising the indoor air quality of your home. Pets such as dogs,

7 Features to Look for in a Dehumidifier for Better Indoor Air Quality Summit, NJ High humidity levels can compromise the indoor air quality of your home. They can result in mold infestations and encourage the breeding of dust mites and other pests. Investing in a dehumidifier will help to

Black Mold in Basement – Questions to Ask Before You Buy a House With Mold Summit, NJ You’ve finally found the house that suits your needs perfectly. But wait, what’s this in the basement? You’ve noticed a musty smell or even spotted what looks like black mold in the basement.

3 Important Ideas about Egress Windows Scottsplain, NJ Egress windows provide a safe and easy way of exiting a house in case there is an emergency such as a fire. In addition to acting as emergency exits, egress windows also make it possible for natural light to reach the basement.

Water leaking, into your basement or any other types of issues with your foundation, may require foundation repair or certain basement waterproofing solutions. But it’s important to recognize that not all foundation solutions are the same. When you’re dealing with a smaller company that only specializes in small crack repair,

Egress windows are an essential part of your home’s basement. They provide another point of entry and exit that can be used in an emergency. Fire and police personnel can enter your home through the egress windows if necessary, and you can use them to escape from a fire. Egress

Common Signs Of A Wet Basement Bergen County, NJ A wet basement is one of the worst nightmares for a homeowner with a finished basement. Completed wet basements are especially hard to diagnose. You may not notice leaks behind your drywall or painted walls until there is considerable damage. It

When people hear the term ‘soil erosion’, they think of farms and crops. Soil erosion occurs when the topsoil rich in nutrients is carried off by water or wind. It results in the exposure of the underlying earth. It can cause a drop in crop yield. How soil erosion can

You probably already know that any water that gets into your basement is terrible. It can lead to all sorts of issues. If you don’t have a basement, you may have a crawlspace, and water getting into the crawlspace is equally problematic. In any cases where water is entering your

Have you noticed cracks in the drywall in your finished basement? Many homeowners decide to patch up drywall cracks as soon as they notice them. However, there are many instances when these cracks are a sign of a more serious problem. Patching up the cracks is only a temporary solution.

Mold is not something that any homeowner wants to handle. However, as long as you hire a professional company with well-trained technicians to handle your mold remediation, it would not be as bad as you may imagine. The secret to stress-free mold remediation is a trustworthy, reputable company to do

When it comes to basement waterproofing, there are some things that a homeowner should know. When armed with the right information, it’s easier to take care of and maintain your home. Far too many people ignore their basements. It’s understandable since most people don’t spend a lot of time in

Can I Get Water through my basement floor? Yes, in a few different ways, so, let me explain the three main reasons how you get water through basement floor. The basement floor is made of concrete which is porousWater is a primary ingredient of concrete from the beginningAs the concrete

Does the rain make my foundation crack get worse? The answer to this question is a definite maybe. The rain has a cause and effect thing with the soil that is around your house. The soil then can crack your foundation, or if it is already cracked, make it worse.