Water leaking, into your basement or any other sort of symptoms of a problem with your foundation, then you may require a foundation repair. But it’s important to recognize that not all foundation solutions are the same. When you’re dealing with a smaller company that only specializes in small crack

When people hear the term ‘soil erosion’, they think of farms and crops. Soil erosion occurs when the topsoil rich in nutrients is carried off by water or wind. It results in the exposure of the underlying earth. It can cause a drop in crop yield. How soil erosion can

Can I Get Water through my basement floor? Yes, in a few different ways, so, let me explain the three main reasons how you get water through basement floor. The basement floor is made of concrete which is porousWater is a primary ingredient of concrete from the beginningAs the concrete

Does the rain make my foundation crack get worse? The answer to this question is a definite maybe. The rain has a cause and effect thing with the soil that is around your house. The soil then can crack your foundation, or if it is already cracked, make it worse.

The 5 Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems Cracks where walls and ceiling joinDoors and windows that stick or do not open or close properlySloped and not level floorsCracks in exterior masonry or concreteSeparations of wood trim at the exterior corners of your home How to know if your foundation

COVID-19 RESPONSE FROM A-1 BASEMENT SOLUTIONS May, 18, 2020 The safety of our customers and employees has always been the number one priority at A-1 Basement Solutions. A-1 Basement closed temporarily on March 19th to limit the effects of Covid-19 and mitigate the health concerns it presents all of us.

Should you use a dehumidifier in Winter? or Fall? or Spring? What do you do about the moisture that comes through your concrete foundation, most of which is below the frost line, and brings dampness and moisture into your basement in the non-Summer months? Most people have an understanding about

The white stuff on basement wall is a residue left from water called efflorescence. It indicates that water has evaporated from the concrete. Efflorescence is proof that water was in the basement. Many of us have come across this strange phenomenon; a white powdery substance comes out of the concrete

Whether you have moved into an existing home with a basement or you are in the process of building a brand new home, understanding how your basement was built can be helpful. Knowing what a floating basement floor is and why it is not a French Drain can be priceless.

Here is a question that I am asked a few times every week, “How long does sump pump last?”; and the answer is very simple; 7 years, 3 months, 17 days, 6 hours, 53 minutes and 19 seconds. I’m sure you will agree that this answer is ridiculous. Except for

If your foundation is constructed of concrete masonry units (CMU), a.k.a cinder blocks, yes, you need weep holeshollow block foundation wall These hollow blocks make a solid foundation but are more porous than poured concrete. When your foundation was constructed, tar was applied to the outside of the hollow concrete

Here in Central New Jersey many homes have basements with foundations constructed of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)s. CMUs are also called Cinder blocks or just Concrete Blocks. When installing a French Drain in a house with hollow block masonry walls, we put weep holes in basement walls, allowing the drainage

The ground thaws while snow melts and spring rains come. At the same time, the thaw is happening all the plant life is dormant and not drinking water. The water accumulates under and around your home. This is called a high water table or perched water. The thing to understand