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Census Bureau map of Green Township, New Jersey

By United States Census Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons

Your wet basement problem has a permanent dry solution in Green Township, NJ

Green Township has many a wet basement and is located in Sussex County, N.J. The Township is home to over 3,600 residents and covers 16.25 square miles (U.S. Census 2010).

The Township was incorporated in 1824 by and Act of the N.J. State Legislature. from parts of Hardwick and Independence Townships. The change was due to the formation of Warren County.

The Township is named after Ephraim Green who lived in the section Greendell in the late 1700’s. The Township land had been known as “Kennedy town”

Several other sections of the Township have their original names including: Tranquility, Huntsville, Greendell and Yellow Frame.

FDR’s well known mistress, Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd, is buried in the Tranquility cemetery in Green Township.

A wet basement is usually fixed in 2-3 days and backed with a life-of-house waranty

  • If the water is coming in through a window well we look to see why the window well is draining and why the water is leaking into the house.
  • If the water is coming from the top of the wall, we look at the grading outside and to see if there’s flashing were the top of the foundation meets the beginning of the framing of the house.
  • If there is a crack in the poured concrete wall and we see evidence of water there, we look to see if that crack can be patched from both the inside and from the outside. We also check to see if the crack can be filled to prevent water intrusion.
  • If there’s evidence of water at the bottom of the hollow block wall we look to see how the water is getting into the blocks and how many areas it’s affecting.
  • Okay so now we have determined what your foundation is made of and how the water is getting in. There are many different solutions for these different problems and they all have different prices.
  • Sometimes a basement just needs a simple crack repair. Sometimes a sump pump is called for. Sometimes it’s a full French drain and sump pump. Like I said earlier every basement is different, every leak is different.

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A-1 Basement Solutions provides free basement health inspections to New Jersey homeowners. Contact A-1 Basement Solutions at 908-895-2686, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free in-home inspection and detailed quote.

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