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Professional Basement Waterproofing in Denville, NJ

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By Kd5463, via Wikimedia Commons

Wet basement problems in Denville, NJ are from a high water table

Denville Township has many a wet basement and is located in Morris County, N.J. Denville covers 12.6 square miles and has 16,635 residents (U.S. Census 2010). The Township’s name may have come from the “dens” of the animals living in the swampy lands. The swamps are exactly the reason you get a wet basement.

Lenape Indians that lived in the area used the Minisink Trail which is the area of Route 10. Route 10 cuts across Denville Township along with Route 80.

The eleven lakes in Denville Township, and the large Tourne County Park in the Township, make Denville very popular for recreational visitors.

The swampy areas and the high water table cause the wet basement problem

The area in and around Denville has a high water table. Look at the lakes and the swampy land. That water is the water table. It is higher than the grade of the earth in many places and that causes wet basement problems.

Most houses with a wet basement have a concrete foundation. Concrete is porous, it can absorb and retain water. These homes will usually leak so homeowners want to know how to fix a wet basement water leak in Denville, NJ.

There are two main types of concrete foundations, Concrete Block or poured concrete.

  1. Concrete block is also known as CMU or Concrete Masonry Unit. These hollow blocks are typically 8” H x16”W x 8”D
  2. Poured Concrete walls are usually 8” thick of solid concrete.
    1. These walls are sealed with a tar like substance before the backfill occurs. That is your house’s waterproofing. Most technically it is called damp-proofing. The tar is degradable and therefore not permanent. It does not last forever. If you have ever had a wet basement your tar is not effective.

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