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Wet Basement Repair and Waterproofing in Cresskill, NJ

Post Office, Cresskill, New Jersey

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wet basement waterproofing with Life-of-House warranty

Cresskill’s name is likely after the streams through the area. Water”cress” grew in the streams and the word “kill” also means stream.

Cresskill was incorporated by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature in 1894 from Palisades Township.

Camp Merritt was a large military facility in Cresskill. Merritt Field and other monuments mark Camp Merritt’s memory throughout the Borough.

Gary Malcolm Wright, musician who wrote the song “Dream Weaver”, was born and raised in Cresskill.

Having a wet basement in Cresskill, NJ is fixed permanently by A-1 Basement Solutions of Scotch Plains and backed by our Life of House Warranty.

A wet basement with dead organic matter in it will create black mold

  • Uncontrolled water, moisture and humidity can allow nature can take a foothold in your wet basement.

  • If you have cardboard boxes on the floor of your wet basement, you will get black mold, and quickly.

  • A healthy home needs a healthy basement, not a wet basement.

  • A dry, clean and healthy basement should be a standard, not a luxury.

Fix the wet basement with a French drain to stop black mold growth

  • There are different types of French Drains to fix your wet basement.

  • Just as there are different contractors, there are different ways to do the same job.

  • The French Drain cost from a contractor who does a shallow channel will vary from the French Drain cost of a contractor who does a deep channel system.

  • They are both French Drains but there is quite a difference between the two

  • The A-1 Basements deep channel French Drain relieves more hydrostatic pressure from beneath the floor than a shallow system.

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Free Wet Basement Waterproofing Inspections in Cresskill, NJ

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