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Crawl Space Ventilation System Installation

Our team at A-1 Basement Solutions installs crawl space ventilation solutions by EZ Breath to manage the humidity and moisture in your crawl space. This system is designed to combat mold and allergen growth. They work by circulating air out of your crawl space while pulling clean dry air in from your house.

Installing a crawl space ventilation system allows you to have peace of mind that any potential allergens or mold floating in the air of your crawl space are safely removed. The EZ Breath ventilation system is more efficient than traditional dehumidifiers and is the best choice for a mold-free healthy home. The units are maintenance free and help protect your home from excess moisture, mold, toxins, allergies, and poor air quality resulting in a cleaner, healthier living environment. Our system provides powerful ventilation, supporting both the EPA and American Lung Associations recommendations to use a ventilation system to reduce air pollution inside of your home.

Crawl Space Ventilation Systems

Installing a crawl space ventilation solution is a great cost-effective way to save money and dehumidify your crawl space. These systems work by expelling moist air from your crawl space and causing static pressure to pull clean air from the rest of your home. In addition to this, they use less overall energy than a traditional dehumidifier system and achieve the same result. Take a look below at some of the reasons you should have a crawl space ventilation system installed in your home.

How Does the EZ Breath Ventilation System Work?

EZ Breath Basement Ventilation

The EZ Breath system improves air quality in your home by combating what is known as the "stack effect" in your home. The system pulls dirty and humid crawl space air outside of the home allowing it to escape while pulling clean air from the rest of your home. This system can be installed to provide clean air to both sealed and unsealed crawl spaces.

The EZ Breath system is quiet and unobtrusive, and it can fit easily into any crawl space. With no heavy buckets to empty or costly filters to replace the E-Z-Breathe ventilation is maintenance free. With its energy efficient design, it requires very little power and just $2.00 to $3.00 a month of electricity. It is a truly the ’21 Century approach to home ventilation.

Why Install the EZ Breath System in Your Crawl Space?

EZ Breath Basement Vents

When left without any form of de-humidification your crawl space can become humid causing a host of molds and other toxic substances to flourish. This can cause your home to become unsafe to live in, making you or your loved ones sick. Our EZ Breath system was designed to combat the growth of these molds while providing you with clean fresh air in your crawl space.

Do you want to have a cleaner, healthier living environment for your family? With the E-Z Breathe Ventilation System, this is now possible. The E-Z Breathe Ventilation System is the ultimate dehumidifier, air purifier, and ventilation system. Not only does it out-shine and out-perform any Dehumidifier and Air Purifier/Ionizer, it operates at half the cost!

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