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Wet Basement Repair and Waterproofing in Closter New Jersey

Bergen County New Jersey Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Closter Highlighted

By Arkyan, via Wikimedia Commons

Wet basement waterproofing with Life-of-House warranty

The Borough of Closter is located in Bergen County, N.J. The Borough covers 3.2 square miles and is home to 8,373 residents (U.S. Census 2010).

In 1704, Closter was settled by Frederick Closter, who came on a grant from the King of England. Closter was settled in 1710 by Dutch families. For the next hundred and fifty years they farmed, speaking Jersey Dutch and living a life that was generally, with the exception of the disruption of the Revolutionary War, unwavering in its sameness.

In 1904, the Borough of Closter was incorporated by an Act of the New Jersey State Legislature from Harrington Township.

In Closter you can walk to the old Closter City train depot- a symbol of one of the most significant eras in our history.

The area was known as the “Hub of Northern Valley” in the 1850’s. Two railroad lines came into Closter and commuters passed through on their way to Manhattan. That was the time when the railway called the “Iron Horse” roared its way throughout our country, and changed everything forever.

Marcel Jovine, sculptor and Borough Resident, created the seal for Closter.

Having a wet basement in Closter, NJ is fixed permanently by A-1 Basement Solutions of Scotch Plains and backed by our Life of House Warranty.

Capillary veins are responsible for many wet basement problems

  • Rainwater gets pulled deeper into the ground by seepage and gravity.

  • As gravity pulls the ground water deeper into the soil, it moves sideways following the slope of the surrounding areas.

  • Top soil will absorb some of the water but as rain continues to fall the absorbent layers become even more saturated.

  • The water begins to follow the underground ‘paths of least resistance’ called Capillary Veins.

A wet basement can’t be fixed with “waterproofing” paint

  • When you paint the inside of your wet basement wall, you can slow down moisture, but not water.

  • You are not eliminating the water from entering the cement block wall from outside and causing your wet basement.

  • You can literally put on 10-20-100 coats of paint, but it will never hold the water back.

  • Once the hydrostatic pressure builds up the water will force itself through at some point.

  • Paint does not prevent a wet basement, it’s just paint, so pick a nice color.

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