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Many residents of Bridgewater, NJ have a wet basement due to clay in the soil

Bridgewater Township is part of Somerset County, NJ. The Township covers over 33 square miles and has over 42,000 residents (U.S. Census 2010). The Township encompasses the communities of: Bradley Gardens, Finderne, Green Knoll, and parts of Martinsville.

The area was named after a town in England. King George II from England purchased the land from the a Lenape Indian tribe in the mid 1700’s. In 1899 the Township was formed from other neighboring areas.

The MiddleBrook encampment of the Continental Army was located in Bridgewater Township. After the Revolutionary War the 13 star colony flag was flown on site. It continues to fly today and part of the MiddleBrook encampment land is on the U.S. Register of Historic Places.

The Somerset Patriots have their stadium in Bridgewater Township

When there is a lot of rain the clay soil will cause a wet basement

The most common cause of cracks in a foundation that cause a wet basement is unbalanced soil pressure. Most soil movement is due to what is called expansive soil. When the soil has high clay content it is called clayey soil. As the clayey soil absorbs the ground water it expands. This is known as soil swell.

Your foundation wall should be acting as a retaining wall against the soil swell. A horizontal crack in a foundation wall is likely a sign that the foundation is failing under the weight of the surrounding soil. The soil outside the foundation wall exerts an enormous pressure on the foundation wall.

As the water level continues to rise the weight of the water causes pressure to build (Hydrostatic Pressure). This pressure forces water into settlement cracks in your home’s foundation and sooner or later, into your basement.

Wet basement Waterproofing in Bridgewater, NJ

The sump pump should be one part of a complete wet basement waterproofing system. A sump pump alone is not effective to lower the water table under the house and prevent water infiltration. Having a sump pump without a delivery system (such as a French drain) can be likened to having a heart without arteries and veins; it’s just not going to work right.

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