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A wet basement in Belvidere, NJ will cost you thousands in Real Estate value

The Town of Belvidere has many a wet basement and is located in Warren County, N.J. The Town has 2,681 residents and covers 1.4 square miles (U.S. Census 2010).

Belvidere’s phrase is “A Charming Victorian Village” and has over 100 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places, mostly of the Victorian era.

The Town was Incorporated as an Act of the N.J. Legislature in 1845 from parts of Oxford Township.

The Delaware and Pequest rivers join in Belvidere. The Pequest River is stocked with trout and is a popular fishing location.

When the Delaware and Pequest Rivers run high you can get a wet basement

  1. Water tables can become elevated when they receive more water than they drain off.
  2. This can be from unusually high amounts of rain, or excess water from higher elevations.
  3. The water accumulates under and around your home.
  4. This is called a high water table or perched water.
  5. The thing to understand here is that the high water table is part of the earth and cannot be graded away.

Your wet basement can usually be fixed in 2 days

  • A French drain wet basement waterproofing system will capture the water entering the block system and drain the water into a sump pit.
  • A sump pump will discharge it from the building.
  • An interior French drain is much less likely to clog than an exterior, partially due to the fact that it is not sitting underneath several feet of soil.
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