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Yard Drainage Services

Most water intrusions in basements occur because of a high moisture content in the soil surrounding the home's foundation. Our team knows that often times this high moisture level can be caused by having ineffective yard drainage systems.

Over time normal downspouts can cause water to build up next to your home as they erode the soil beneath the opening. In addition to this poor yard, grading can lead to water buildup against the foundation of your home. These two effects can cause your foundation to crack and leak water. Our team has the experience needed to determine whether your yard drainage systems are the cause of your wet basement. Often times correcting a homes yard drainage can help prevent water damage for years afterward. Our team often advises New Jersey homeowners who are in need of yard drainage to install an interior waterproofing system as well because it will help ensure that your home stays dry no matter how bad the weather turns.

yard drainage

Yard Drainage Soltuions

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that is caused by the buildup of excess water in the soil surrounding the foundation of your home. This pressure causes cracks to form on the walls of your foundation. These cracks allow water to seep into your basement from the outside. Our team knows that when wall cracks are involved often times your yard drainage systems may be the main cause. Having properly installed downspout extensions and proper yard grading can help keep your foundation from cracking and flooding your basement.

Downspout Extensions and Gutters

downspout extensions

Gutters are an important component of your homes water drainage systems. They are meant to capture and direct water away from your home, protecting both your home's exterior and foundation. If these systems are clogged with debris then they cannot function properly. Make sure to perform regular maintenance on your gutters to keep your home protected.

In addition to this, the downspouts of your gutters have an even more important role. If installed properly they can direct large amounts of water away from your home to drain out of your yard. However, over time as the soil in your yard settles the downspouts can be dumping water directly into the soil surrounding your foundation. To remedy this our team installs downspout extension systems that direct the water further away from your home before depositing it into your yard. These systems can relieve and prevent a lot of the hydrostatic pressure that has built up from excess water. It is important that you trust a professional to install downspout extensions as installing these yourself can make your yard drainage system ineffective.

Yard Grading

Yard Grading

Over the course of years, the soil that was excavated to lay the foundation of your home will begin to settle. As this happens a depression is formed in the yard around the edge of your foundation collecting water from snow and rain. If This happens it is recommended that you add soil to the area until the slope moves away from the house.

Our team of experts has the experience needed to recognize when a yard grading issue is the main cause of your wet basement. Often this issue is easily correctable and takes little time. Correcting this grading issue can keep your home water free for years while protecting the foundation of your home. In some cases, mass amounts of soil were excavated for the foundation of your home to be laid properly and this can lead to larger grading issues. Often times only remedied by completely excavating the parts that are angled toward your home and re-grading the soil to direct water away from your home. Our team can ensure that your homes grade is properly directing water away from your foundation to protect your home.

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