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Exterior Basement Waterproofing Services

Our experts at A-1 Basement solutions can waterproof your basement from the exterior as well as the interior. Our team can provide a number of solutions designed to stop water entry into your basement from the outside of your home. We use only safe products and techniques to keep your home dry.

If you have a wet basement due to water leaks or wall cracks our team can help. We have the experience you need to find the source of the water intrusion and stop it in its tracks. Some basement waterproofing jobs cannot be completed by installing interior basement waterproofing systems alone. In this case, our technicians often need to perform work on the exterior of your home such as installing a yard drainage system, or exterior encapsulation and drain pipes. One of the most important steps in any basement waterproofing job is to diagnose the cause of the water damage. This can mean the difference between having parts of your yard excavated or having interior waterproofing solutions installed.

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Our Exterior Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Wet basements are common in New Jersey because most homes are built with a block foundation. These block foundations often crack over time causing water to seep into your basement from the outside. Our team has years of experience finding the cause of wet basements and providing waterproofing solutions for every problem. Take a look below at some of the Exterior waterproofing solutions we offer homeowners to protect their basements.

Exterior Basement Encapsulation

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Most foundations when they are built are coated on the exterior with a thick layer of tar to prevent water seepage. Over time groundwater and hydrostatic pressure combined wear this coating down allowing water to seep into your basement.

We can identify if this is the cause of your wet basement and can provide a whole basement system for preventing this water. Often the installation of this system consists of excavating a small tract of land around the foundation of your home which allows our team to access your foundation and repair any damaged or deteriorated sections. Our system keeps the groundwater around your home from reaching your foundation's walls and directs it away from your home.

Yard Drainage Solutions

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Yard grading is a term used to describe the angle at which your yard moves away from your home. A proper yard grade will direct water from your downspouts away from your home. This is meant to keep the soil moisture levels under control.

In addition to this, some homeowners opt to have downspout extension systems installed to direct any water coming from the roof of your home further away from the home than it would normally. These systems often involve excavating small patches of land to install a drainage system that slowly removes water and deposits it further away. The two combined can help keep your basement dry for years under normal weather conditions. However strong storms and extremely heavy rainfall could still cause water to seep into your basement. Often times we couple a solid yard drainage system with our patented interior waterproofing methods to ensure that your home stays dry no matter the issue.

Basement Waterproofing in Scotch Plains, NJ
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Basement Waterproofing in Scotch Plains, NJ
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