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How To Prevent Your Basement Walls From Bowing And Other Damages From Bowing Scotch Plains, NY

How To Prevent Your Basement Walls From Bowing And Other Damages From Bowing Scotch Plains, NJ

Repairing damaged basement walls can be very expensive. You can avoid this by winterizing your home. The following tips are effective for preventing bowing basement walls. Bowing Basement Walls | Scotch Plains, NY | A-1 Basement Solutions

Waterproofing your foundation should be one of your top priorities when the first signs of winter come around. It’s important to winterize your home.

Winter can do a lot of damage to your home. Heavy snows and rainfall are often responsible for bowing basement walls.

Check your drains and pipes

Leaking pipes can result in water pooling and freezing on the ground. The ice later melts and the water seeps into the ground.

Check your pipes and drains for any damage. Snow may remain on the surface of the ground. However, when it melts, it becomes water that seeps into the ground. Pipes and drains should be able to capture this water and guide it safely away from the foundation.

Pipes that are exposed to the cold can easily be damaged. This is common when the water in the pipes freezes, expands and causes the pipe to burst.

All the scenarios above can cause bowing basement walls as a result of increased hydrostatic pressure.

Check your gutters and downspouts

Winter comes after the fall. During fall, the leaves from trees fall and are likely to enter the gutters where they can cause blockage. This will cause the gutter to overflow during a storm. The water is deposited at the foundation where it saturates the soil.Bowing Basement Walls | Scotch Plains, NY | A-1 Basement Solutions

It’s also important to check the gutters and downspouts for leaks as well as to ensure that the downspouts deposit water far away from the foundation.

Check the sump pump

Is your sump pump in good working order? Your sump pump is one of the most important things that is between you and a flooded basement. Pump failure can result in flooding.

Have your pump checked by a professional. This should be done at least once annually. They will not only test the pump but also replace any parts that need replacing.

Many waterproofing professionals offer sump pump maintenance and checks as a service. These services are often quite affordable and will ensure you avoid having to repair a failed pump.

These tips will help to ensure that your home is ready for anything that winter throws your way. You can go through the winter knowing your foundation is safe from the risk of bowing.

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