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Basement Wall Cracks and Soil Erosion Union County, NJ


When people hear the term ‘soil erosion’, they think of farms and crops. Soil erosion occurs when the topsoil rich in nutrients is carried off by water or wind. It results in the exposure of the underlying earth. It can cause a drop in crop yield.

How soil erosion can cause basement wall cracks

Soil erosion isn’t just a concern for farmers in rural areas. The devastating impact of soil erosion can be felt in urban and suburban areas too. Homeowners should be concerned about soil erosion as it can result in significant damage to their property.

Soil erosion in urban areas results in the exposure of the underlying ground. Without the topsoil, the soil below will have a harder time retaining moisture. The earth therefore expands and contracts much quicker. It can put a lot of pressure on your foundation. It results in the development of basement wall cracks.

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Basement wall cracks may also result when soil erosion is so severe that it carries away a large amount of the soil surrounding the foundation of your home. That can happen in instances where the soil around the foundation did not get appropriately compacted during the construction of the house or foundation repair.

While hairline cracks may seem harmless, they can cause severe problems in the long run. Some issues that can occur if the underlying cause of the cracks does not get dealt with it include:

  • Leaning foundation walls
  • Warped floors
  • Sagging roofs
  • Foundation failure

How to protect your foundation from damage caused by soil erosion

There are several ways you can protect your foundation from severe damage resulting from soil erosion.

  1. Planting trees, grass and bushes

The roots of plants help to hold the soil in place. They prevent soil erosion from occurring. Plant trees and grass on your landscape to avoid soil erosion. However, be careful not to plant them too close to the foundation. It can result in damage to the foundation.

  • Invest in the construction of a retaining wall

Retaining walls act as a protective barrier that prevents soil from being washed away. Have a professional contractor install it to preserve the soil and to avoid water runoff from flowing toward your foundation.

  • Install piles, nets, and meshes

These measures are a reserve for extreme cases. Meshes and nets will prevent the movement of soil. They will help to keep your foundation stable.

Talk to a foundation repair contractor to determine the best solution for your foundation.

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