June 26

Basement Wall Cracks – Dealing with Drywall Cracks in the Basement New Jersey


Have you noticed cracks in the drywall in your finished basement? Many homeowners decide to patch up drywall cracks as soon as they notice them. However, there are many instances when these cracks are a sign of a more serious problem. Patching up the cracks is only a temporary solution. It’s important to look beyond the drywall and determine the cause of the cracks.

Causes of drywall cracks

There are many reasons why there are cracks in your drywall? There are instances when the cracks are a result of a problem that occurred during the installation. There are also instances when drywall cracks are caused by the same problems that result in basement wall cracks. Some of these issues include shifting in soil, large tree roots pushing against the foundation walls or the rising water table below the foundation slab.

While patching up drywall is a quick fix that will make your basement look better, you will only be giving the underlying problem even more time to escalate. You are likely to have to deal with extensive damage if you don’t attend to the problem as soon as possible.

How to deal with drywall cracks

Foundation damage rarely occurs suddenly. It is often progressive. It gets worse over time. It is therefore important to determine whether the cause of the cracks is foundation damage or something less serious.

If you have noticed cracks in the drywall in your basement, you should get in touch with a foundation repair consultant. Many contractors offer free inspection and consultation services without any obligation to hire them for the repair of the foundation.

Professional inspection may involve a walk through the entire property to spot any possible issues such as trees growing too close to the foundation, landscape sloping towards the foundation or basement wall cracks on the outside of the foundation.

The inspection within the basement may involve breaking away some of the drywall to view the wall behind it. This is done to look for signs of foundation damage such as water stains, mold infestations and basement wall cracks.

The contractor will provide you with possible solutions for the problem if it will require foundation repair. You can always get a second opinion from another contractor to compare proposals and quotes. This will ensure you make an informed choice when you choose the contractor for the project.


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