May 23

Foundation Crack Repair To Keep Out Rain

Does the rain make my foundation crack get worse?

The answer to this question is a definite maybe. The rain has a cause and effect thing with the soil that is around your house. The soil then can crack your foundation, or if it is already cracked, make it worse. So, indirectly, the rain can worse cracked foundation. A foundation crack repair will keep the rain out.

Why does concrete crack?

Most cracking in foundations comes from:

  1. Shrinkage
  2. Settlement
  3. Stress
Foundation Crack Repair | Scotch Plains, NJ | A-1 Basement Solutions

Concrete is one of the best building materials ever devised by man. Concrete is a building material made from mixing Portland cement, sand, and water. After you mix the concrete two things will happen. It will get hard and it will crack. When it’s done right concrete will last a long time. But it will crack; it is just a matter of when.

Look at the concrete next time you go to the store. There are cracks in concrete everywhere. If the walls, floors and sidewalks are made of concrete, they probably have cracks in them.

Which is worse, a vertical crack or horizontal cracks?

Typically, small vertical cracks are not structural while most horizontal cracks are.

The most common cause of horizontal cracks in a foundation in unbalanced soil pressure. Most soil movement is due to what is called expansive soil. When the soil has high clay content it is called clayey soil. As the clayey soil absorbs the groundwater it expands. Think of rice. When you cook rice, you start out with 2 cups or rice and 1 cup of water. 20 minutes later you have expanded rice and no water because the rice has absorbed the water and increased in size as a result. As the soil expands it is moving. Expansion is movement. This is known as soil swell.

All concrete foundations will crack at some point. It is a fact. The severity of the cracking and its’ effects on the structure’s integrity are varied. No crack is good crack and all cracks should be repaired immediately by foundation crack repair professionals.

Most foundation crack repair can be done in one day by A-1 Basement Solutions.

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