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5 Signs of Foundation Problems Scotch Plains, NJ

The 5 Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems

  1. Cracks where walls and ceiling join
  2. Doors and windows that stick or do not open or close properly
  3. Sloped and not level floors
  4. Cracks in exterior masonry or concrete
  5. Separations of wood trim at the exterior corners of your home

How to know if your foundation problems are structural

Foundation Problems | Scotch Plains, NJ | A-1 Basement Solutions
  • The crack will be in a load bearing foundation wall
  • The crack will be below grade
  • The crack will be in a stair-step pattern or horizontal

Foundation problems are often caused by movement of the foundation

The purpose of your foundation is to support the load of the building. The foundation can move when there is a lightweight house, like a ranch, that was built on expansive clay soil. As the soil takes on water, due to heavy rain or snowmelt, the clay absorbs the water and expands. The soil can then give more lateral force than the basement wall was designed to handle and the walls move and crack. If left unchecked the foundation problems will worsen over time and threaten the structural integrity and resale value of the home.

Carbon fiber gridstraps can stabilize walls with foundation problems

  1. A cracked or bowed foundation wall can occur as a result of expansive soil pushing the wall
  2. The wall is moving and must be stabilized against future soil pressure
  3. Carbon fiber gridstarps are used to provide support against lateral pressure

Free foundation problems inspection

A-1 Basement Solutions provides free foundation inspections to New Jersey homeowners. Contact A-1 Basement Solutions at 908-322-1313 or admin@a-1basements.com for a free in-home inspection and detailed quote.


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