The 7 Day Battery Backup Sump Pump

We install the most effective and reliable Battery Backup Sump Pump available

This battery backup sump pump system is a sump pump that automatically switches to battery backup when AC power fails. The A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day Battery Backup Backup System uses a 120 Amp Hour AGM Battery. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), no-maintenance batteries are the best batteries for supplying DC currents to battery backup sump pump systems. AGM batteries are true deep cycle batteries and perform twice as well as regular batteries.

A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day Battery Backup Back up System can pump over 12,000 gallons on a single battery charge.

A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day battery backup sump pump system

The battery backup sump pump discharges a full cycle of 20 gallons of water every half hour this translates to  a week of battery backup sump pump protection.

A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day Battery Backup Back up System Features & Benefits include:

  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Vertical float Switch
  • Built-In Audible Alarm and Indicator Lights for Added Protection
  • High Output 8 Amp Charger Unit with 5 Charging Stages (uses a sophisticated processor-based charger)
  • Maintenance-Free AGM Battery Runs For a Full 7 Days when Power Goes Out (cycles every 3 minutes)
  • No Need to Hang From Pipe or Leave on Bottom of Basin (where it can get clogged from debris)

A-1 Basement Solutions 7 Day Battery Backup System is better because:

  1. Pump runs directly from battery power without the use of an inverter.
  2. Heavy duty adjustable vertical float switch for maximum reliability and fewer pump cycles.
  3. The pumps base keeps the inlet off the bottom of the pit to avoid clogging from debris.
  4. Pumps up to 35 gallons per minute with a 10ft high ejection head with full battery power.  The system averages 20gpm over the life of the battery.

If you want to protect your basement and its contents; a 7 Day battery backup sump pump will give you the peace of mind you need.

Choose wisely when selecting a battery backup sump pump.

At A-1 Basement Solutions we provide the full solution to protect your basement during a power outage.