Foundation Crack Repair Methods

The most common foundation crack repair:

A sign of needed foundation crack repair work is vertical or diagonal cracks in a block foundation wall. This is a sign of settlement. Most vertical cracks in a block foundation wall do not seriously damage the structure of your home. Vertical cracks are most often caused from damage as the foundation settles.

Foundation Crack Repair for Vertical or Diagonal Cracks in Poured Foundations

Most vertical cracks in a poured concrete foundation are not structural in nature. Vertical cracks are most often caused by the shrinkage of the concrete as it cures. The more significant problem in this case is that you are now vulnerable to water from the earth seeping into your basement. Foundation crack repair would be need at that point.

Low-pressure concrete crack injection (20 to 40 psi) permanently fills the entire length and depth of the crack, preventing water from further deteriorating the concrete. Epoxy and polyurethane-based materials are superior for this purpose because they adhere to the concrete. Water cannot erode the concrete any further and the materials allow for slight concrete expansion and contraction while maintaining a seal.

Concrete crack injection has been the accepted method for this type of repair for many years. The technique is cost-effective, reliable, and permanent. Materials with differing viscosities are manufactured to ensure an effective repair for non-structural solutions.

Most Vertical and Diagonal Crack Repairs for poured concrete foundations can be done in one day.

Horizontal and Step Cracks

A horizontal crack in a foundation wall is likely a sign that the foundation is failing under the weight of the surrounding soil. The soil outside the foundation wall exerts an enormous pressure on the foundation wall. Foundation walls are designed to be strong enough to resist this load. Occasionally additional loads exert pressure and the foundation begins to fail resulting in a horizontal crack in the foundation wall.

There are low cost solutions available for reinforcement that can repair your wall, add strength, stop the inward movement of your walls, and redistribute the weight on your basement walls.

Cracked foundation walls can be permanently repaired and stabilized with carbon fiber to restore stability of the structure. By using carbon fiber gridstraps in combination with specifically designed epoxy, foundation repair can be performed effectively and efficiently with minimal obtrusion or obstruction.

The repaired basement wall can then be painted thereby creating an almost invisible repair, increasing the resale value of your home.

Using carbon fiber straps for foundation crack repair  in combination with specifically designed epoxies, foundations can now be repaired and arrested with little to no obtrusiveness and are usually installed in one day.