E-Z Breathe vs. Dehumidifier

E-Z Breathe: The Cheaper Dehumidifier

The E-Z Breathe Ventilation System is a better, cheaper dehumidifier that only uses $2-3 of electricity per month and has no buckets to empty.

Why the E-Z Breathe ventilation system is better than a dehumidifier.

  • E-Z Breathe draws the moist, polluted air out of the house.
  • E-Z Breathe replenishes with fresh, dry air 6-10 times per day.
  • E-Z Breathe is quiet, safe, and environmentally friendly.
  • E-Z Breathe is maintenance free. No filters. No buckets to empty.
  • E-Z Breathe is cost effective. Uses the same energy as a 40 watt bulb.

History of the dehumidifier

The dehumidifier was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. In the 100+ years since, not much has changed. MOST dehumidifiers are shaped like a box with a bucket inside it. This bucket is where the water collects when it is pulled from the air by force of suction. The air is heated and blown over very cold metal tubes or coils. Condensation forms on the coils, and when it builds up enough, it drips into the bucket that comes with the machine. This heavy bucket (12-16 lbs.)filled with 1 1/2– 2 gallons of water must be emptied one to two times per day. Then the cooled air is warmed again before being released back into the room again. Quite often the returning air will actually be slightly warmer than it was when it entered the machine. This reduces humidity levels in a 1,000 square foot home. (More units are needed if your home is more than 1,000 sq. ft.) THE CONTROLS AND CABINET GET NEWER LOOKS EVERY FEW YEARS . BUT THE 1902 TECHNOLOGY IS STILL IN USE TODAY. It takes humidity out of the air with a 400-800 watt compressor WHICH GENERATES HEAT IN THE SUMMER AND USES $1 to $2 of electricity on a daily basis, then re-circulates the same polluted air back into the home.

E-Z Breathe superior ventilation technology replaces your dehumidifier

Unlike a common dehumidifier which does not exchange the air, ventilate the basement and is costly to operate, E-Z Breathe will provide a healthier, drier and more comfortable home at a fraction of the cost.

E-Z Breathe takes the humid, moist air and expels it out of the house

The air is then replaced it with clean, dry air. This is accomplished by a quiet, powerful fan which uses the same electricity as a 40 watt light bulb (about $2-3 per MONTH). E-Z Breathe is controlled by a HUMIDISTAT which you set to the level of humidity you desire. One E-Z Breathe Ventilation unit provides moisture control and improved air quality year round for your entire house. E-Z Breathe reduces indoor air pollution, expels odors, eliminates moisture and removes damp, cold and contaminated air from your home. By exchanging this stale air for fresh air, the atmosphere within the home becomes healthier.

Do you think the E-Z Breathe is right for you? Unsure?

Contact A-1 Basement Solutions and we will answer any questions you have to see if E-Z Breathe is right for you.