Real Estate Basement Waterproofing New Jersey

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French Drains Help New Jersey Homes Sell More Quickly

As everyone knows by now, the Real Estate Market is a buyers’ market. The excessive inventory of homes for sale compared the number of qualified buyers is completely opposite what the market was ten short years ago. Back then because mortgages were much easier to obtain it was a sellers’ market and it was not uncommon for houses to sell for above the asking price or have a bidding war. But that is history.

HGTV has increased buyers’ awareness of potential problems.

When buying a home, the condition of the basement is one of the most important factors that a young family will consider. This is where some expansion of living space can occur without a costly addition. The buyers want to look at the basement like a clean, blank canvas and envision where the playroom or home gym will go. The buyers want everything in the basement like crack repairs, waterproofing and painting already done for them. They don’t want a house with basement issues.

If you want the house to be easier to show and thus easier to sell, the homeowner should have the basement made dry and healthy before the house is shown to prospective buyers. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

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