Why Basements Get Wet

The goal of this document is to provide a framework for the upcoming discussion on your homes basement.

There are many factors about your basement such as: how it was built, what materials were used, where it was built on your property and what waterproofing was applied. This document offers several sections, which describe the process of examining your particular homes situation. Thank you for reading this information before your meeting with the A-1 representative, so that the framework for your solution can be reached much faster. Be sure to look for the hidden coupon!

Our ultimate basement guide will help you answer questions such as:

  • How water enters your home
  • How to keep water out of your basement
  • What to do to make your basement dry BEFORE finishing it
  • How to make your basement air dry and healthy

Please provide your contact information below to download The Ultimate Basement Guide: Why Basements Get Wet and how we will make yours dry.