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What you need to know about Battery Back up Sump Pump systems:

  1.  Sump pumps don’t work without power, so you need a battery backup sump pump system.
  2. The battery Backup sump pump systems available to consumers at home improvement centers are inferior to the heavy duty 7 day A-1 DC Backup System installed by A-1 Basement Solutions.

While battery backup sump pump systems play an important role in basement waterproofing, the battery itself that powers such systems is equally important, if not more. The best backup system in the world may be completely useless if the actual battery is one of poor quality.

The A-1 DC Backup System is a sump pump system that automatically switches to battery backup when AC power fails. The A-1 DC Backup System uses a 120 Amp Hour AGM Battery.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), no-maintenance batteries are the best batteries for supplying DC currents to battery backup sump pump systems. AGM batteries are true deep cycle batteries and perform twice as well as regular batteries.

Most large rechargeable batteries are lead-acid type. The acid in a lead-acid type marine battery will generally contain 30% sulfuric acid at a full charge. AGM batteries never leak dangerous fumes or harmful liquids like acid even if they are broken.

The A-1 DC Backup System can run for up to 10 continuous hours of pumping and move a total of over 12,000 gallons, which translates to almost a week of backup protection under normal pump cycling. If that is not enough for your peace of mind, you can add another battery in tandem to have a combined total pumping capacity of 24,000 gallons of water in 20 hours of continuous pumping.

7 Reasons the A-1 DC 7 Day Battery Backup Sump Pump System is superior to those sold at the Home Improvement Stores:

  1. It includes one deep cycle AGM maintenance free battery, ensuring best performance.
  2. The pump runs directly from battery power without the use of an inverter.
  3. Heavy duty adjustable vertical float switch for maximum reliability and fewer pump cycles.
  4. Pumps 35 gallons per minute with a 10ft high vertical lift with a fully charged AGM battery.
  5. Uses one 120 Amp Hour AGM Battery and cycles every 3 minutes, Your A-1 DC backup system will run for a full 7 days.
  6. Pumps an average of 20 gallons per minute with a 10ft high vertical lift for a continuous run time of almost ten hours and over 12,000 gallons of water.
  7. Powerful 8 amp charger with five charging stages for quick recovery time.

Choose wisely when selecting a Battery Backup Sump Pump.

  • The Sump Pump that keeps your basement dry is powered by AC electricity
  • Without a working sump pump your basement can flood.
  • You need a backup sump pump that can work without AC for up to a week
  • The Battery Backup pumps sold at the big box stores do not pump as long as the A-1 Heavy Duty DC backup system

The battery backup from the home improvement stores will give you a false sense of security until it quits sooner than you expected. The A-1 Heavy Duty DC backup sump pump system cycles every 3 minutes and will run for a full 7 days.

At A-1 Basement Solutions we provide the full solution to protect your basement during a power outage.

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